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PCSO Needs Your Help Re: School Burglary

PCSO Needs Your Help Re: School Burglary
PCSO Needs Your Help Re: School Burglary

On Wednesday July 24th, PCSO received a call at approximately 8:00 am from San Tan Heights K-8 in San Tan Valley stating that their school had been burglarized overnight.

Surveillance video provided by the school shows three suspects, all with their faces covered, entered into the school around 1:00 am Wednesday morning, gaining access through what is believed to be an unlocked door. The suspects made their way to the media room, stealing 22 laptop computers. 20 laptops were for students in the upcoming school year. Two belonged to teachers. The suspects also stole a school van. Later that morning, the school van was recovered about 100 yards away in the San Tan Heights community. The van was returned to San Tan Heights K-8, but the keys to the van were still missing.

PCSO deputies received a call Wednesday evening, concerning a suspicious vehicle parked in the area of Jasper Butte Dr. and Saratoga Meadows Dr. When deputies arrived, they located 17 of the 22 laptop computers in the back of the vehicle. Those laptop computers are believed to be connected to the school burglary.

San Tan Heights K-8 called PCSO Thursday morning saying their van had been stolen again overnight. The van was later recovered near Buckeye Road and I-17 in Phoenix. PCSO needs your help in identifying the three suspects in the surveillance footage and recover the additional laptops.

“Someone knows who these three people are,” said Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb. “These laptops were meant for elementary school kids to better their education, and now we need your help in identifying and prosecuting these criminals who did this.”

If you have any information, you’re asked to call the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office at 520-866-5111.